Baby tiger kept frozen in glass jar, temple of bangkok

baby tiger kept frozen
baby tiger kept frozen to make medicines and trade skins for making charms and using their organs, source via - google search, world news.

Baby tiger kept frozen - This is a shocking incident which has come into the spotlight where Thai authorities have found 20 glass jars containing baby tigers and tiger organs in a laboratory.

The country's Tiger Temple which is located in the west of Bangkok reinforcing the suspicion that it was making folk medicine.

Days after the bodies of 40 Baby tiger kept frozen were discovered in a freezer, three Buddhist monks were charged on Thursday.

They were caught trying to smuggle tiger skins and charms made out of tiger parts, many critics say that it was not a tiger sanctuary but a money-spinning tourist trap.

The Buddhist temple west of Bangkok has long been popular with tourists who paid about $20 each to get in and pose for pictures with its tigers, and to feed cubs and walk among them.

But now the temple has come under the allegation of animal abuse and trafficking after the raid was done on Monday where 137 tigers were found and Baby tiger kept frozen were found, later they were taken to a government wildlife sanctuary.

Baby tiger kept frozen, cubs found today made the authorities think more as what they thought was over was not as there is more business carried there.

"The jars have labels, so I think they've made medicine here," said Adisorn Nuchdamrong, deputy director-general of the Department of National Parks.

Tiger parts are used in traditional Chinese medicine, a multi-million dollar business that has driven tigers in the wild to the brink of extinction and fueled the rearing of tigers in parts of Asia, especially in China.

Three monks have been charged including who helped them load the trucks for smuggling under the wildlife laws.

Wildlife officials suspect that Baby tiger kept frozen as they were being preserved for use in potions.

The investigation will go on until all the animals are being saved from this trap of abuse.
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