Beef smugglers forced to eat cow dung and drink urine

beef smugglers
beef smugglers forced to eat cow dunk and drink urine in Manesar, Haryana, source via - google search, India news. 

Beef smugglers made to eat cow dung and drink urine video went viral on social media.

Gau Raksha dal volunteers forcing two Beef smugglers to eat cow dung, Dal chief Dharmendra Yadav on Tuesday not only admitted that his group had committed such an act but also backed them by saying that ‘cow dung’ was holy and they had in fact ‘cleansed’ the beef traders of their sins.

The leader also said that it is nothing wrong to take law in own hands when it comes to protecting the cow.

He also hinted that violators of law against cow slaughter deserve such kind of treatments.

In the state of Haryana and surrounding many states cow slaughter is banned, but these Beef smugglers violate laws.

In Hindu religion cow is like mother and people pray them every day, if someone attacks my mother then I won't wait for the police, he added.

In a shocking remark, he said, “They eat an entire cow and no one says anything but raise a hue and cry over cow dung (being fed).”

The vehicle in which they carried beef were caught from near Badarpur and Faridabad.

The leader also said that they have had prior information about the vehicle and the Beef smugglers.

They were also forced to say 'gau Mata ki Jai' after they eat the cow dung.

In the video, released online, the Beef smugglers are seen to be encouraged by the volunteers to eat cow dung and given water to make the eat easily.
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