Delhi-Varanasi bullet train project will soon be fixed

bullet train
Delhi to Varanasi bullet train project will be second after the Mumbai to Ahmedabad project, source via - google search, India news.

Delhi-Varanasi bullet train project will be the second bullet train project after the Mumbai-Ahmedabad route, this train will cover the distance of 782 km in just two hours and forty minutes.

Though it will be a while before the service rolls out, the Delhi-Varanasi stretch part of the Delhi-Kolkata corridor has been accorded topmost priority for the railways.

After the national transporter accelerated the Mumbai-Ahmedabad stretch by tying up funds with Japan and setting up of the High-Speed Rail Corporation.

This train will pass through Agra, Kanpur, Lucknow, Aligarh and Sultanpur, the project of a bullet train and development of railways seems to be part of Modi regime strategy.

The project feasibility will be discussed by a Spanish firm and they will also soon submit the final report.

The project cost is going to be huge and the estimate which they are getting is said to be around 43000 crores for the Delhi-Varanasi bullet train project.

The final cost of the project will be fixed only after the detailed study which will be conducted by the consultants.
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