Patients died due to doctors strike kgmu university, Lucknow

kgmu university doctors strike
doctors strike at kgmu university resulted in the death of sixteen patients many people requested to join back on the humanitarian ground.
Doctors strike kgmu universityDoctors strike at KGMU university Lucknow - Sixteen patients have died at the King George's Medical University since Tuesday as the junior resident doctors have gone on strike.

The strike is against revising the criteria for admission to post-graduate courses, sources said on Thursday.

More than 2000 patients have been shifted to different locations or hospitals due to a shortage of doctors, critical patients were seen by the senior doctors.

There were many surgeries postponed due to doctors strike kgmu university the numbers of surgeries were about two dozens, sources said.

The junior resident doctors and MBBS graduates at KGMU are agitated over Uttar Pradesh government's decision to cancel their admissions, made in April, to MD/MS/diploma courses and make fresh admissions by revising the merit list of the UP Postgraduate Medical Entrance Exam.

Some of them have also lost their seats due to this decision and it was also said that 30 percent additional marks been given to the doctors who served in the rural areas.

The interim order of the top court, which affects over 300 MBBS graduates, came on May 12.

Those who are set to benefit from the revised merit list, on the other hand, have blamed the government for not providing them adequate security and allowing the disruption in the conduct of admissions.

Ram Naik the governor of Uttar Pradesh have requested the doctors to join back on the humanitarian ground.

MBBS graduates who join post graduate courses like MD, MS and MDS are known as 'junior resident doctors'.
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