Drunk woman hitting and abusing cops at Worli police station

drunk woman worli police
drunk woman hitting cops and abusing them at the Worli police station arrested for rash driving, source via - google source, India news.

Drunk woman hitting police, this is a case of Worli police station where the police caught a 21-year-old woman and her friends for rash driving.

After getting arrested by the police Drunk woman inside the police station started hitting the policemen and got violent.

She also slapped the police officer and also abused them in a drunken state.

On June 16, architecture student Gauri Bhide and her friends were caught for rash driving after she rammed her car over a divider and onto a footpath.

Video of this Drunk woman has also being released where she is seen hitting and slapping the cops while her friends were trying to hold her back.

She managed to grab the policeman collars and she also destroyed the police station property.

She broke a windowpane, pulled wires out of a computer and threw the computer on the ground and smashed several cops' phones.

The accused were taken to JJ hospital for their medical test. They were charged under Sections 279, 332, 353, 427 and 34 of the IPC and held in police custody for a night.

Senior police inspector Vinay Kulkarni said that they are making a tight case against the Drunk woman and friends who accompanied her.
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