Earth mini-moon found, surrounding our planet for decade

earth mini-moon rotations
earth mini-moon is being found and it is going to be there for decades says a new study, source via - google search, what's trending, science news.

The earth has a companion now which is in an orbit of the sun but also is said to appear to circle the earth as well which some are calling it as an earth mini-moon.

The "quasi-satellite," known as 2016 HO3 in the scientific community, is likely somewhere between 120 and 300 feet across, researchers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory said.

There was an asteroid before which was surrounding the earth for around 10 years is now not in the circle, but the new asteroid which has been found is holding onto us said to be the earth mini-moon.

Calculations indicate 2016 HO3 has been a stable quasi-satellite of Earth for almost a century, and it will continue to follow this pattern as Earth's companion for centuries to come.

This asteroid was found at the center of Hawaii back in April said NASA.

The asteroid is said to surround the earth closer for the half of its time in the year and the other half year is closer to the sun.

NASA keeps a full list of asteroids and comets that come close enough to fuel your apocalyptic fears.
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