English language can be discontinued in the EU after UK Leave

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Eu decides to drop the English language after the Uk left and select a new language, source via - google search, world news.

English language has been the most dominant language in the EU, but it may be removed after the Uk decide to leave the EU.

No other countries than the UK have registered their primary language as the English language.

English language has been the top choice for European Union (EU) institutions but Britain’s vote to leave the Union last week could trigger a ban on its use.

It is in the rules that every country has its right to notify one official language to the EU.

But no one can steal the fact that the language English is used mostly by every country and is comfortable to use it in the daily affair in the EU.

The EU has 24 official languages but for daily business, the European Commission and council of ministers use English, French and German.

If English is being removed there have to vote between all the EU states to select a language for the daily affair.

“We have a series of member states that speak English, and English is the world language which we all accept,” said German EU commissioner Gunther Oettinger.

Before joking that if Scotland was to join separately, it could apply for English as their primary language.
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