Fewer teens now smoke cigarette, study says

teens have started smoking less
fewer teens now smoke cigarette study says they have moved to the alternatives, source via - google search, health news.

Fewer teens now smoke cigarette - About 11 percent of the high schoolers now are said to be smoking according to the study and new report.

There has been a decline in the percentage since 2007, according to the centers for disease control and prevention.

Now, the CDC is worried about what teens say they're doing instead. 24 percent of high schoolers say they’ve used e-cigarettes in a 30 day period. 

It’s a trend that seems to be growing. In 2011, the number was less than 5 percent. CDC director Dr. Tom Friedan said it’s troubling to see the rise in the alternative.

The food and drugs administration have now control over all tobacco products including the e-cigarettes, this means only people who are 18 years and above can purchase the product.

The CDC says if youths continue smoking at the current rate, 5.6 million of them will die early from smoking-related illness.

This is a step to make people improve and there is still more to do.
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