Fortis hospital doctors performed wrong surgery on patient

ravi rai the patient
the fortis hospital did not treat the injured and right leg and performed surgery on the healthy left leg a big mistake, source via - google search, India news.

Fortis hospital at Shalimar Bagh has dismissed five staff members as they operated the wrong foot.

There was a problem in the right ankle and was supposed to be operated but the doctors at the Fortis hospital did not treat the injured leg and instead operated on the healthy left ankle by mistake.

This is a case of a charter accountant named Ravi rai, he then lodged a police complaint at the Ashok vihar police station.

He fell down a staircase and got a fracture on the right ankle, He was taken to Fortis Hospital, where screening tests showed that the ankle joint was damaged. Following this, the surgeons decided to operate on the leg.

“He had fractured an ankle joint, and needed screws to hold it in place,” said Rai’s father Ram Karan. “But when they brought him out of surgery, we noticed they had operated on his left leg. His right leg was untouched.”

When the father questioned the Doctors at the Fortis hospital they said there was no problem and they would simply perform another surgery and remove screws from the left and put it on the right.

Claiming criminal negligence and apathy on the part of the Fortis hospital authorities, the distressed father said: “Several tests were conducted before the surgery, and they had even marked his right ankle with a marker. What made them operate on the wrong ankle, then?”

Ravi Rai then was shifted to the max hospital for further treatment of the same.

There was later than after the incident committee formed at the Fortis hospital and they said that the doctor has been shifted from his routine to avoid further HUMAN ERROR.

Furthur action is also being taken against them and the five staff members who were there in the operating room.

Police have also registered the case against staffers and said they are further looking into this matter.
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