Google keyboard Gboard launched for all ios users

google keyboard gboard
google keyboard gboard is now available for all the ios users and also can be downloaded from the app store, source via - google search, tech news.

Google keyboard Gboard a third party development is now available for all the ios users and also on the app store in India.

Google keyboard Gboard comes with the power of search engine and also lets users perform a web search, find images, address and much more from its keyboard itself.

The users can directly paste the results which they get from the google keyboard Gboard into any conversation they are having without even switching the applications.

The procedure for downloading the google keyboard Gboard is:-

Step1 - download the app.

Step2 - go to settings>General>keyboard.

Step3 - the app will automatically prompt you on how to set up the same.

Step4 - then it will prompt you to select the keyboard, select the google keyboard Gboard and click on give full access.

Note this means you have given google the full access to store all the information including addresses, credit card info and whatever you have typed on the keyboard.

After you’ve added Gboard as an approved keyboard in the settings, just open any app like WhatsApp or Facebook, and when typing something click on the global icon in the regular iOS keyboard.

You’ll soon see the Gboard appear in place of the other keyboards, and you can start using it.

There is also a google logo in the corner of the keyboard which will help you to perform searches, get links etc.
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