Hunger kills, tribal man sold his son to feed rest of family

son sold for money
hunger kills as a tribal man sold his son for only rs 1000 to feed rest of his family, source via - google search, India news.

Hunger kills, this is a story of a man who sold his son for just 1000 Rs to feed his rest of the family.

Hunger is said to force you to things which you don't want to do.

A tribal man from Singhbhum district of eastern Jharkhand named Bhota Sabar was the only person who was earning from his family.

He had six children and is said to lose his wife recently, The head of the village Sahdev Murmu told to media that he knew the situation of Bhota Sabar so he contacted the BDO and was trying to get him some financial help.

As he did not receive any help he sold his son and left for just 1000 Rs.

He is from a tribe known Sabar which is said to be facing its extinction and the current people from this tribe are said to be living in a very difficult condition.

After he realized the mistake he now went to the police to retrieve his son.

We hope such families do not take such extreme steps when hunger kills and try to get some financial help instead of doing such things.
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