Fighter jet crash in Jodhpurs mahavir nagar area

fighter jet crash jodhpur
jodhpur fighter jet crash in the residential area of Mahavir Nagar, the pilot is safe and no death reported, source via - google search, India news. 

jodhpur fighter jet crash - MIG-27 aircraft which was on a routine mission crashed in the residential area of Mahavir Nagar, kudi housing board.

The pilot officer Kandpal ejected safely, seconds before the aircraft was about to crash, there was no human lives loss recorded on the spot.

Nearby two houses and a vehicle parked were damaged majorly in the crash, The aircraft crashed barely 50 metres from the spot where the pilot himself had a narrow brush with death while ejecting out over an electric transformer in the local Bhaironath temple.

The aircraft is seen completely damaged, the crash site is nearly 8km away from Air Force base in Jodhpur where the aircraft took off.

There was also a confirmation that no civilian casualties were hurt, the crash site was immediately vacated by the authorities.

Fire trucks rushed from the local area within minutes to take fire control and brought the fire under control easily.

There are also instructions for investigation on how this jodhpur fighter jet crash has occurred and what will be the reason for the same.

It was in January 2015 that a MiG-27 fighter jet on a routine sortie from the Jodhpur air base to Uttarlai crashed in Rajasthan's Barmer while a fraction of it fell on a passing motorcyclist.
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