Lionel Messi retirement have shocked every fan around the world

Lionel Messi retirement
Lionel Messi retirement news after the Copa match have shocked everyone, source via - google search, sports news.

Lionel Messi retirement , At the age of just 29 as he decided to hang up his national boots, after losing the final of the Copa America to Chile.

This loss was a great loss to them in this major tournament.

There can be a possibility of him returning to the fans and his friends may force him to do so.

When Diego Maradona told Pele on 9 June that Lionel Messi lacks the personality to be a leader, he was half right.

There were several good years to come ahead but the weight of failed expectation in an Argentina shirt has been accumulated for years.

There were many people who had a hope that Lionel Messi will do some magic in the Copa final on Sunday, there were many players on the pitch but all eyes were on him.

The supporters and the believers are heartbroken, they just wanted to walk away and in between Lionel Messi retirement news has shocked everyone.

Messi has always been successful in the club Barcelona as he plays along with the star casts, but the Argentina jersey performance is really shocking. 

Argentina may find someone else who can replace Lionel Messi place, or maybe Lionel Messi retirement may be taken back.

International tournaments, though, will lose some of their already disappearing sheens. For they have stopped being the showcase of the best football.
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