lost vision due to infection during free cataract surgery

lost vision patients
the patients lost vision due to infection during free surgery at a government hospital, source via - google search, India news.

Lost vision of 16 of the 23 patient who underwent a free surgery at the government hospital at Mettur in Salem district of Tamil Nadu.

Poor people mostly aged about 45 years and above have caught a severe infection and have lost vision.

Doctors could not have any concrete reason for the infection, the joint director has stated poor personal hygiene maintained by patients as a reason.

The patients are seeking help from the government to deal with the issue of their lost vision.

The Mettur government hospital offers free cataract surgery every week, Between June 14 to 16, 23 patients underwent the surgery and were discharged on June 18.

After two days of the surgery, they started having tremendous pain in eyes.

Other private hospital doctors when they examined them said 8 patient of 16 were severely affected with vision and the other had minor loss of vision.

Those 8 patients are now being treated at the Arvind Eye Hospital in Coimbatore.

A team of officials of health department has launched an inquiry with the patients and doctors in Mettur. According to them, the surgery went flawlessly.
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