Mohamed Morsi ex Egypt president sentenced on Saturday

Mohamed Morsi ex Egypt president
ex Egpyt president sentenced for life for leaking state information to his sources, source via - google search, world news.

Egpyt former president Mohamed Morsi sentenced on Saturday after the court found him guilty of leaking the state records.

He has also been sentenced in three different cases, which also includes the death penalty for a mass jail break during 2011.

The death penalty has been approved for also the journalist which are sentenced in absentia along with Morsi, also the 2 people who worked with Morsi are sentenced for life.

Prosecutors argued Morsi and his aides were involved in leaking sensitive documents to Qatari intelligence that exposed the location of weapons held by the Egyptian armed forces.

The Qatar and Egypt relationship are being on a downfall since 2013, Qatar sharply criticised the ruling on Saturday and said it was not based on fact.

Qatar had supported Morsi who is in the jail now with thousand of people and even some of them are also being sentenced to death for all different charges.

Egypt army chief says that after the leak there can be security threats to Egypt and it has also weakened the politically organized group.
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