Mr Amjad Sabri shot dead in Karachi, Pakistan by unknown bikers

amjad sabri
Amjad Sabri the famous singer shot dead in Karachi Pakistan by unknown bikers, source via - google search, world news.

Mr. Amjad Sabri murdered in Pakistan, the news has shocked everyone, he was shot dead by unknown assailants riding a motorcycle in Karachi.

Mr. Amjad Sabri was traveling by car from his home to a television studio when the motorcycle pulled up and started open firing on the car.

A senior police officer said that this was an act of terrorism and targeted killing.

He was hit by five bullets and was declared dead at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, while the other relative with him was said to be in critical condition.

Mr. Amjad Sabri was a singer and was famous for his qawwali a form of music closely associated with Sufism.

The Taliban and other Islamist groups have carried out major attacks on Sufi mosques and shrines in recent years, including the 2010 bombing of the Data Darbar shrine in Lahore that killed more than 40 people.

Mr. Amjad Sabri was the son of a legendary singer Ghulam Farid Sabri and was also knows as the rockstar of qawwali.

Some of the most memorable and famous qawwalis of the Sabris were Bhar do jholi meri ; Tajdar-i-haram ; and Mera koi nahin hai tere Siwa .

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has also directed the authorities to bring perpetrators to justice.

It is also said that Mr. Amjad Sabri had earlier submitted an application for security, but the home department did not act on the same.

The motive behind the killing was not clear, but many say that Mr. Amjad Sabri may have been targeted because of his religious views. no clear idea is being yet updated and the search is still on, on what grounds this killing has taken place and who is behind this act.
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