New aviation policy India, it will bring great progress

new aviation policy India
new aviation policy in India can bring great progress and also cheaper flights for travelling abroad may be available, source via - google search, business news.

New aviation policy India - The NDA government cleared the first aviation policy, focusing on the regional connectivity, cargo, maintenance, and operations with skill development.

This new aviation policy India will be a game changer for everyone in the industry, the new rule which states that airlines no longer need to wait for five years before starting international operations.

Any domestic airline can start international operations if it puts higher of 20 aircraft or 20 percent of total capacity on domestic routes.

There is no need for the code share agreement to be made before entering the international operations.

This policy can also make flying affordable and can help in promoting tourism growth on a better scale.

"India will be the third-largest civil aviation market by 2022 and to achieve this, we need right intentions, vision, planning, and execution,"  says the Civil Aviation Minister.

There is also encouragement in the development of greenfield and brownfield airports by the state governments, stated in the policy which will help in better growth and infra.

Four heli-hubs will be developed and helicopter emergency medical services will also be made available.

This policy will encourage competition in the market and hence promote better price and services offered by every company.
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