Om engraved shoes selling in Pakistan, hurting Hindu sentiments

om engraved shoes
om engraved shoes are selling the stores of Pakistan which are hurting the Hindu sentiments, source via - google search, world news.

Hindus who are in Pakistan are protesting against the sale of OM engraved shoes which are being sold in the market of Pakistan. 

Ramesh Kumar Vankwani the chief of the Pakistan Hindu council, said that they have lodged protests with the Sindh government and local authorities in Tando Adam Khan after the sale of OM engraved shoes was brought to the notice of his community.

It has been said that the shopkeepers are selling these OM engraved shoes since last 3 years during the Muslims Eid festival, and is said to that it is clearly done to hurt the Hindu sentiments.

He also said that this is an insult to the Hindus in Pakistan as it is blasphemous to use the word OM on shoes.

They have also shared the pictures on social media sites and they have come to the notice by many people, they have also demanded that the OM engraved shoe should be removed from the shops on an immediate basis.

This issue is being reported in the shop named Zeb shoes and in the area of Tando Adam city of Pakistan.

“As ‘Om’ is the sacred religious symbol of Hinduism which talks about the oneness of God, let’s protect this oneness peacefully for the progressive and positive face of Pakistan.

They have also appealed the authorities to look into this matter and take sincere actions and maintain a peaceful environment for the same.

These OM engraved shoes have also been seen in other stores too in different areas of Sindh.

Reports say that there are around 8 million Hindus in the country with a population of 180 million people. Most of the Pakistani Hindus reside in the southern province of Sindh.

Before this incident, one old Hindu man was brutally beaten as he served food before iftar which is not allowed in Pakistan as according to their religion.
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