The pilot of solar plane shares his flight experience

solar plane pilot
the pilot of the solar plane shares his experience with the world, source via - google search, tech news. 

The pilot of Solar plane Bertrand Piccard says it is a dream come true of crossing the Atlantic Ocean solo aboard with the sun as the only source of power.

He speaks up about his magical experience he had during the flight.

It was an easy flight but you just have to navigate between clouds and withstand turbulence, there was a moment where you have to really pilot the plane.

The pilot of Solar plane Bertrand Piccard said there was very low sound or no sound and it felt great when you fly high without any noise or fuel it's just magic.

During the flight there were only some hours he has had slept, you are in between nature where there is clouds ocean and where you fly with the force of nature.

He wanted to make the most of every moment he had on the plane.

The pilot of Solar plane Bertrand Piccard had a vision of this seventeen years ago, where he wanted a solar plane to fly day and night cross huge distance and oceans.

He also said that the world can save huge energy if they start their shift to clean technologies as this is possible now.

The pilot of Solar plane Bertrand Piccard said that if we can use this technology on the ground it will make a huge difference.

It’s not our lifestyle that pollutes so much as the old technologies that we’re still using.

I announced with Andre the creation of an International Committee of Clean Technologies because what is lacking right now is a neutral international organisation that knows what it’s talking about and that can advise governments and companies.
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