Savdhaan India actress arrested in sex racket in Goregaon

Savdhaan India actress arrested
Savdhaan India actress arrested in a sex racket in Goregaon shocking and breaking the news of today, source via - google search, India news.

Savdhaan India actress arrested in sex racket - According to a report in India Today,  the Mumbai Police has busted a high-profile sex racket and has arrested two models.

One of the two arrested models is said to be a known female TV actor who is seen regularly on the crime show Savdhaan India.

The boss of the racket is not yet arrested, this arrest was made as they received a tip-off the racket being operated in the Goregaon area.

According to the police, the operatives of the racket used to share photos of the models and actors with their prospective clients through social media sites. After receiving a confirmation of the 'deal' from the clients, the models were supplied to them.

The police arrested the TV actor and a female Marathi actor on the basis of information received.

Police also said that the charges were really high and they use to charge around Rs 50000 to Rs 100000 per assignment.

There was a great client base and most of them were from the corporate world.

A case has been registered and a probe is on. Further investigations could reveal more names from the TV world who are linked with the sex racket, police said.

The question here is that who is this Savdhaan India actress arrested in this racket and how many such small TV actresses are involved in this type of rackets.
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