Second international yoga day at Capitol complex Chandigarh

second international yoga day
second international yoga day to be held at Capitol complex in Chandigarh, source via - google search, India news. 

The preparations for the second international yoga day is in full swing, it will be hosted at the Capitol complex in Chandigarh.

Tejpal Singh is happy to have been picked for the mega event and to do yoga with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the mega event of second international yoga day on 21st June.

A total of 30000 participates will be at the event from which 10000 will be from Chandigarh, Punjab, and Haryana as the main event will be held at the Capitol Complex and there will be a total of 180 centers across the city where residents will do yoga.

The Chandigarh administration has put in a lot of efforts into making the arrangement for the event.

In the run-up to it, a four-day yoga festival and month-long training camps were organized at 180 locations for which nearly 45,000 residents enrolled.

As it an international event the image of yoga posture was projected onto the UN headquarters as the world body geared up to host the second international yoga day on Tuesday.

There will be also a practice session held at the event venue where many will gather to practice for the main event.
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