Singapore Airline plane caught fire all passenger reported safe

singapore airlines plane fire
Singapore airlines plane caught fire while en routing Milan, source via - google search, world news. 

Singapore Airline plane caught fire while making an emergency landing at Changi Airport and about 240 people were on board.

This landing was done by the pilot when he saw the engine oil warning message.

The Singapore Airline plane departed from Changi Airport for Milan at 2.05 am but after two hours the pilot announced that they have to turn back as there is an engine problem.

"The aircraft's right engine caught fire after the aircraft touched down at Changi Airport at around 6:50 am," the statement said.

The right engine of the Singapore Airline plane caught fire, the fire was put out by the emergency staff and service of the airport.

No passenger or any crew members were injured and were safely taken out of the plane near the runway and then taken to the terminal by bus.

According to Mamta Jain, whose husband was on board the flight, the plane's engine "exploded and the right wing was burning" while it was landing.

Passengers inside the Singapore Airline plane while landing could see the burning flames on the right wing of the aircraft.

One of the passengers have also recorded the fire and posted it on a Facebook account quoting " I just escaped death".

The passenger also said there was a strong smell of fuel which was coming inside the plane.

After firefighters arrived they sprayed foam and water on the plane and the fire was put out in about five to 10 minutes.
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