Small baby dropped on hot coal by father during ritual activity

walking on burning coal ritual
small baby dropped on hot coal by the father during performing the ritual of walking on burning coal in Punjab, source via - google search, India news.

Small baby dropped on hot coal by father - a small boy was dropped on hot coal while his father was holding him and walking on the hot coal while performing a ritual activity in Jalandhar, Punjab.

He was accidentally dropped when the father was walking barefoot on hot coal embers as part of a religious ritual when he lost his balance and fell.

The child was rescued immediately, his name was Karthik, he was taken to the hospital for the treatment of the burns he had due to falling on hot coal.

The family did not visit the hospital when people took him to the hospital as the family believes that god is with him and he will heal him and they have faith in god.

The small boy has burns on his limbs and one side of his trunk, the father was also suffering from burns.

This will take at least five to seven days for the wounds to heal and settle down.

"I have provided them financial assistance of 10,000 rupees (£105) and sent them to Punjab Institute of Medical Sciences," the Press Trust of India quoted local MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly), Manoranjan Kalia as saying.

Scores of devotees gather for the Maa Mariyamma festival in Punjab's Jalandhar city. In an ancient Hindu festival that is still practised, devotees must fast for at least seven days before walking on fire in honour of their deity.

This ritual is being followed by many people there and is continuing since many years, people walk on hot coal to get their wishes fulfilled, it is said that whoever passes this fire test his wish gets fulfilled.

There was also an incident same like this happened few year back when a mother slipped on hot coal walking with her daughter.
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