Teen killed Man in Tennessee and later snap chat murder photo

snap chat murder
teen murdered a man and later he uploaded the murder victim photo on snap chat with a caption, source via - google search, world news.
Shocking incident from Tennessee IHOP, where a teen killed a man and then he is sending a snap chat murder photo of the victim along with a message saying " I just killed a mother****** 10 minutes ago".

Sebastian Vaughn, 16, was arrested yesterday and charged in the shooting death of Marlo Williams, 35, who was found dead Monday inside a vehicle outside the restaurant.

Charged with second-degree murder, Vaughn is being held in the county’s juvenile detention facility. 

Since the murderer is a minor police said that they cannot have a booking photo for release nor the cops will release any personal information regarding the victims or suspects.

Detectives who have seized the cell Vaughn cellphone suspect that family members may have encouraged the teen suspect.

The snap chat murder image shows a man bleeding from a gunshot wound to the chest, the photo of the same cannot be shown.

The police found the dead body of Williams around 4.30 pm and he was announced dead at the scene.

At least one recipient of Vaughn’s Snap chat murder message contacted cops and provided homicide investigators with the grisly image.

The case is being investigated further and necessary steps will be taken regarding the same.
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