Son murdered his Father in Bangalore due to heated argument

son murdered father Bangalore
son murdered father with sickle in Bangalore due to family disputes, source via - google search, India news. 

The shocking incident where a 28-year-old-man murdered his father due to some family disputes in Koramangala locality of Bangalore city.

The incident took place when Kiran (the son) was not able to find a job and believed that his father has done black magic on him so that he could not find a job.

Father and son got into a heated argument when Kiran due to anger stabbed his father with a sickle.

Sources said that this happened when the rest of the family went to attend a social event.

Kiran murdered his father when he was home alone at around 10.30 pm.

Hearing the noise the neighbors rushed to the spot and found the father lying in a pool of blood.

The neighbors instantly informed the police station of Viveknagar.

The family told the police that Kiran was suffering from a nervous disorder and frequently got angry.

Police said that Gautham (the father) frequently admonished Kiran as he was unemployed and was mostly idling with other unemployed youth from the locality.

The son is now in Police custody and the investigation on him will carry on and he will be punished as according to the local laws and regulations.
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