UCLA campus shooting Los Angeles, murder suicide case

ucla campus shooting
UCLA campus shooting murder-suicide case is being recorded students were in threat for at least one and half hours, source via - google search, world news.
UCLA campus shooting - A murder-suicide case is being recorded at the UCLA campus in Los Angeles on Wednesday, the campus was lockdown from all sides and hundred of students were hiding inside the building.

UCLA Student Body President Michael Skiles identified Professor William S. Klug as the individual who was killed.

He was a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, as shown on the UCLA's website.

He was also leading the Klug research group which studies the problems at the interface of mechanics and biology.

There was no ongoing threat this was a sudden thing happened, the police found a weapon and no suspects remain at large.

UCLA said classes were canceled for the rest of Wednesday but are expected to resume Thursday, except for the engineering school, where the death occurred. Classes, there will resume Monday, officials said.

UCLA campus shooting happened in the small office of the engineering building, the police says they have received the reports of an active shooter in or nearby the building.

The investigation is going on, inside the campus, each and every area of the campus is being investigated by the police.

Many of the students were trapped inside and could not stop crying while they were there inside for an at least of 1 and half hour.

UCLA has also extended counseling services over the next few days to serve all the students who may be in need.

UCLA's final exams are scheduled for next week, with graduation set for Friday, The engineering school's senior class dinner was scheduled for Thursday night.

According to the UCLA, the school is also known as the "birthplace of the Internet".

This will be a big task for the police to carry on as where the UCLA campus shooting took place is huge and in middle of a crowded area of Los Angeles.
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