Baby elephant trying to wake up his dead mother,heartbreaking

baby elephant heartbreaking photo
baby elephant trying to wake up his dead mother heartbreaking photo, source via - google search, India news.

This is the 5th case of an elephant dying in the same area in the last 20 days, but there were no news channels covering this case.

The news for many terrorist and cruel people is making the news but this is a news which is not being covered since many days.

Photos and videos have spread virally on social media where a baby elephant is trying to wake up his mom.

The photos and video show the real pain of the baby elephant and emotions on how even animals have felt and we humans are now moving toward more cruelty.

The video and photo show ailing female elephant who was found dead in Narasipuram forest area on the outskirts of Coimbatore city in Tamil Nadu.

The baby elephant is trying to guard his mother and moving around her in rounds crying.

According to the local news, it is said the baby elephant tried to wake up his mother for seven hours.

This picture have made many people cry and many are angry, but if this pictures now don't shake people and make them care for everyone around then nothing will.
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