Best way to become a good person in life

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Best way to become a good person

Most people underestimate their ability to make a positive change in the world, but being a good person won't harm you, getting blessed in today world is the best thing.

Helping people with small efforts will make your life positive and its the best way to become a good person.

These are a list of small things listed below which can help you to earn blessings, it time to change and put some efforts towards the world.

1) grab snacks and food which gives back.

Whenever you hungry try to get some snacks or food which gives back, for example, there is a nut bar which says "this bar saves lives" grab this kind of products when you shop or hungry.

So why these products right? each time when you buy these products, the companies donate a life-saving meal to a child who is starving.

this is a very small thing for people to do but this small thing can matter lots for the child's who get feed by this.

2) Store nut bars in your car.

you will think why should I do that, but this will help you to give that nut bar to homeless people whenever you see them.

There is an instance where you want to help but you don't have anything to lend them, so this is the best idea to do so this is the best way to become a good person.

3) Rescue a dog from an animal shelter ( this one is for animal lovers).

So when you go out and buy a dog you give a lot of money to do so, instead of doing that rescue a dog from the shelter who need much better care.

You’ll be creating a lifelong bond with a dog that really needs a second chance.

4) Share a Holiday Meal to needy.

Anthony Robbins, the famous self-help author, shared during an interview that when he was 11 years old and living in poverty, his family didn’t have food to celebrate Thanksgiving. Then, a stranger brought them groceries.

This impact has changed his life forever, he then had a resolution from that day and decided that he will help others whenever he can.

After few years he was a successful person and he started giving away holiday means to people in need.

He is from the US and has helped a lot of people with his meals.

5) Become a one-day vegetarian in a week.

What seriously how this will help ? you must be thinking the same right and chicken are so tasty, but yes this can change a lot.

In order to meet the demand in the market for meat and chicken products, factory farms torture animals like anything you won't ever imagine it.

There are also many videos online which show you how they are treated just watch it and you will be shocked.

And researchers have also said being a vegetarian is good for health, just google it and you will have the answer this is the best way to become a good person

6) Get a day end jar.

Yes, this is a jar in which you have to store all the coins and change you have in your pockets ar the end of the day.

By simply doing this there will be a lot of money until the month end.

Simply go to a homeless man and lend him that jar.

"People say money is not God, but sayings say it is also not less than God", that pennies can help a homeless man in a huge way.

7) Pay it forward.

When you start all these activities in life, people won't forget you and will bless you for helping them.

This is a simple thing to do just say them, don't thank me instead help three more people whenever you can and tell them to help three more

This is a chain to continue just thing if people start this it can change a lot of things in life.

8) Donate your old stuff.

If you have anything in your house which is old or not of use just donate to the needy.

The people who are in need will utilize those things in whichever way possible to them because even small pennies and things have great value and this is the best way to become a good person

9) Buy fair trade good.

Fair trade goods are those goods which help farmers get their fair price for their products.

In addition, it helps to eradicate unethical practices such as slave labor and poor working conditions.

10) Show kindness.

This is the best way to become a good person in life and the most simple way.

Hold the elevator door open for someone hurrying to catch it.

If the person standing behind you in line at the grocery store only has a few items, let them cut ahead of you.

Help a handicapped person cross the street safely.

Help elder people to cross the road. Small small things will add up to your Karma and maybe when you get old there will be someone to help you too.

11) Donate your organs.

What will you do with the organs of you when you died, simply bury them.

Don't let go it waste, each body part which you can donate then do donate.

It's so simple it just takes one hour to go to donation camp and sign the agreement there this is the best way to become a good person.

In the US, an average of 18 people die each day waiting for transplants, and there are not many organs because people don't donate.

12) Take a volunteers vacation.

This is the best thing to do and interesting too, many people from around the world do this in every 2 years.

Go celebrate your holidays every six months but at least ones in every two years go on volunteers vacation.

This means take a tour around the world to help people, go in poor countries help them build houses there, help save an endangered species from extinction, or teach English to disadvantaged youths.

do help them with whatever skills you have of your own from which others will benefit.

13) Teach your kids the actual way of living and helping.

Read books to your kids with characters from other cultures.

Introduce your kids to foods from different countries.

Hang up art from other cultures in your home.

Play music from different countries to your kids.

This is the best way to become a good person by sharing it ahead with your kids.

14) Send happiness kit.

This is a kit of happiness or a small thing which makes people happy, whenever you see any of the family members of your friends or anyone sad or in their tough times surprise them with a happiness kit.

15) Do something for the Elderly person.

An elder person is helpless and many kids nowadays don't take care of them and leave them in the elder home which is a very bad thing to do.

You are also going to get elder one day remember this.

This best thing is to talk to them, do you know you can also benefit from this may be you may get some tips from them by their experience and this will also make them feel good and this is the best way to become a good person.

16) Leave something good behind.

This means whenever you buy stuff suppose a soda and you have the change with you leave that change behind, the needy will pick it up and you did with helping.

Forget small things that don't matter to you if you don't have the time to do all this listed just forget.

Forgetting we can do every now and the right, but the purpose of the same will be helping others without knowing that you just helped.

17) Most important and the last one Be there for a child.

Build at least one informal, ongoing, caring, relationship with a child. Listen to them when they need to talk. Be a positive role model.

They are the future if you train them to be good from now they will train others when they elders.

Give them positivity of life and they will spread the same with others.

These were some best way to become a good person in life and may everyone in this world now think of it and start doing the same.

Conclusion :-

These were some best way to become a good person listed above, just a small change needed with not many efforts.

You don't need the billions dollar to change the world small things can also help.

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