Facebook self-destruct and end-to-end encryption will arrive soon

Facebook self distruct feature, tech news
Facebook self-destruct feature will soon be available for all messenger user, source via - google search, Tech news

Facebook self-destruct feature will soon be introduced in the messenger app, which will delete conversations after setting a timer to it.

Secret conversation can be done now on the messenger, the messenger is used by around 900 million people.

Now within a secret conversation, users can also choose to set a timer to control the length of time each message you send remains visible within the conversation.

Facebook self-destruct feature uses the signal protocol system developed by experts.

Many people have requested more security saying that they want an additional safeguard, as they share medical illness or some financial information with family members or others on the messenger app.

Due to this Facebook is trying to develop a one-to-one secret conversation in messenger app.

And is also testing the same to be applied to all the users worldwide.

This will be and end-to-end encrypted and allows only the communication users to read the messages.

Even Facebook won't be able to read your message it is such secured.

Facebook self-destruct feature and end-to-end subscription feature will now be available on a trial basis and later will be applied widely.

The secret conversation won't support high files like the videos and GIF shared by you.
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