Fat tax of 14.5 percent will be applied on junk food in Kerala

fat tax in India
fat tax of 14.5 % is being applied to junk food in the state of Kerala, source via - google search, India news

Fat Tax is a new tax law which is being introduced by Kerala government, this new form of tax is just a shocking news.

This tax may be applied to restaurants who serves junk food like pizza, burgers, donuts etc.

Fat tax of 14.5 % will be applied to the bill including the tax you already pay.

A restaurant like McDonald's and burger king will face a great impact by this new tax which is being applied.

This is just for junk food sellers, This may be a move by the government for stop letting people eat junk food.

By applying 14.5 % of fat tax the junk food that people buy will be really very expensive in the state of Kerala .

Before it lost power in May, the Congress-led government had introduced a policy that will make Kerala alcohol-free within 10 years. Hundreds of bars have already been shut down, though five-star hotels are exempt for now.

The fat tax was announced by the government today as it presented its budget. The government expects to raise 10 crores annually through the cess.
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