Is pomegranate anti-aging? your question answered

is Pomegranate anti ageing
pomegranate helps in anti ageing says researchers, source via - google search, health news

Pomegranates slow down the ageing process by promoting cells to recycle and rebuild themselves says, swiss researchers.

Pomegranates knew as the food of gods in the ancient time.

Researchers in Switzerland have now alighted on a single molecule – urolithin A – which they believe drives a process called mitophagy, allowing parts of the cell that become defective to be cleared away, making way for replacements.

A scientist has already set up a company for the research of the same which will benefit humans in many ways.

 "We believe this research is a milestone in current anti-ageing efforts and illustrates the opportunity of rigorously tested nutritional bioactive agents that we consider to have outstanding potential for human health." said researcher Johan Auwerx from Switzerland.

There are also many health benefits already linked to pomegranates.

The fruit is fully packed with antioxidant and is said to reduce heart disease risk and also fight inflammation and arthritis.

It is also said to improve the memory and also boost exercise performance.
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