Families in Kerala fear that their sons have joined ISIS

join ISIS kerala families fear
families in Kerala fear that their sons have joined ISIS after going to the middle east, source via - google search, India news.

People who travelled to the Middle East a month ago did not return to their country, relative in Kerala suspect that they have joined the terror group ISIS.

The relatives have approached the local authorities to have a search for them and said to look out for their loved ones.

Chief Minister Vijayan has directed the police to look into this matter and launch the investigation for the same.

11 people, including a couple with their two-year-old and eight-month-old children, are missing from Cheruvathur Padana panchayat in Kerala's Kasaragod district.

Their family is not in contact with them since a month and fear that they have joined ISIS as they were going there for some religious studies.

Abdul Salam said that his nephew, who was pursuing advanced studies in Islam, was supposed to return to Kasargod for Eid on July 5.

A family of one of them have also received a video from their son who is a doctor and an educated person saying we have reached Islamic state and now it is a matter of life and death.

These are the messages that they have received and now there is no communication between them since a long time.

The families have also said that they never used WhatsApp as it was a US based application and instead they used other ways for communication.

They used telegram an app which is famous in the middle east and used largely by the ISIS group.

It is also said that everyone who went missing uses the same number to communicate to their families.

Mr. Salam also said that what they have been going through for a while no other parents in this country should face the same and hence requested the authorities to look into this matter urgently.

The authorities are investigating the matter but they have no steady response as of now and will respond to the same as they have the proof of something strong.
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