CPIM and RSS worker murdered in the district of Kannur

CPIM and BJP worker murdered in Kannur
CPIM and Bjp worker murder in Kannur district, source via - google search, India news.

CPIM and BJP worker were murdered in the district of Kannur after a break political violence has returned.

According to the police, the CPIM worker was hacked to death at his home in Kannur village by an unidentified gang at 10 pm.

The gang first attacked the family members and then Dhanaraj, he died in his was to the hospital.

The Same day two hours later an auto driver and RSS worker have stabbed to death bu another gang at Annur village.

"The RSS leaders are instigating the cadres for violence and supporting their acts. They have publicly announced few names on their hit list last week,"  Jayarajan said (CPIM Kannur district secretary).

Intelligence has said that the tension between the RSS and the CPIM is scaling up in many parts of the district.

Police have also deployed forces in several places in the district where they think the violence may take place.

Killings and counter Killings were part of Kannur political history since the 1970s.

Before also a CPIM worker was killed in a bomb attack in Pinarayi, the home village of the Chief Minister.

Hundreds of men died in the clashes and another hundred were disabled or paralysed in the attacks.
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