Man arrested for sending vulgar messages to over 1500 woman

man arrested for sending vulgar messages to woman
man arrested for sending vulgar messages to 1500 woman and blackmailing them, source via - google search, India news.

Man arrested in Delhi for sending vulgar and desperate messages to around 1500 women.

A resident of Ballimaran area in Delhi was arrested after a woman filed a complaint saying that she received indecent messages from different numbers.

She was being harassed by a man since over a month after warning him several times.

Based on the evidence that police had they arrested the man and recovered two mobile phones.

These mobile phones had 2000 contacts of only women who were being harassed by this man.

The man had purchased three different sim cards using a fake identity.

It is also said that the accused only messaged to the pretty woman and not others, and he uses to check their WhatsApp pictures before even messaging them.

The accused said to the police that he did that for only fun and was harmless flirting.

He was doing this since last august and also managed to have 600 Gb of pornographic clips and pictures in his database.

If there was a victim's family calling him he use to say that he had relationships with the girl before and create issues in their family.

Police have also said that he have to be in a physical relationship with many women from the list as the women were helpless and scared.

They also said that he use to threaten the victims that he would put up their pictures on social media saying that they are sex workers and blackmail them with this to have a physical relationship with them.

Reports further said that this man suffered from an acute case of inferiority complex.

According to another report, his family life too was dysfunctional, which troubled Khalid to no end.

After doing so much he told the media to not publish his photo as his family name would be spoilt.
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