Peshawar school terrorist killed in a US drone attack

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Peshawar school terrorist killed in a US drone attack in Afghanistan, source via - google search, world news

Peshawar school terrorist killed in a US drone attack in Afghanistan.

The mastermind of school attack who killed 150 people mostly school children is dead.

Umar Mansour alias Khalifa Mansour alias Umar nearly was killed with another militants leader Qari Saifullah.

This attack took place in Bandar area of Afghanistan, death of Saifullah is yet to be confirmed.

Both the terrorist belonged to the TTP group the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan.

Peshawar school terrorist have fled to Afghanistan to plan the terror attack.

Mansour was also responsible for the terror attack on Pakistan air force base and also for Bacha Khan university attack.

The earlier reports also say that another key planner or the head of senior Taliban group was killed by the Pakistan security forces.

This key planner has facilitated the attackers who had attacked the Army.

Out of the seven convicted in the Peshawar school massacre case, six were given death sentence while one was handed down imprisonment for life.

There was two group involved in this Peshawar school terrorist attack one was the TWJ and one was the TTP.

There was also another group called the JEM (jaish-e-Muhammad) who had supported the terror attack.

Chief of Army Staff today confirms death sentence of seven hardcore terrorists involved in Peshawar school attack and Safoora Chowrangi Karachi incidents.
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