Pokemon go the game now available in the United Kingdom

Pokemon go the game now available in the UK, tech news
Pokemon go the game now available in the UK, source via - google search, technology news

Pokemon go the game released in the UK, and it has become a global phenomenon.

The Pokemon go the game was earlier available in the US, Australia, and Germany but some UK gamers found ways to get early access.

The Pokemon go the game app lets players roam a map using their GPS location and catch and train Pokemon and then  battle.

This game is a great success for Nintendo who is also a part of the franchise.

The game uses GPS and real world maps to track players as they move around.

The main aim is to catch Pokemon, which pops up along the way. The game provides an augmented reality experience, using the smartphone's camera to provide a live view of the world, with Pokemon superimposed.

Any creature who gets caught can battle in the real world landmarks and also in the Pokemon gyms.

Many people have but raised concern about the safety of the app and said that adults can use it to prey on children.

An NSPCC spokesman said that app makers have ignored child safety concerns.

Niantic and The Pokemon Company - said in a statement: "We take player safety seriously and want everybody to have a fantastic time exploring while safely playing Pokemon Go.

The company has also said all the players to be safe and also be alert while playing the game, don't drive and play and respect the location you visit while exploring.


1) When you get offered Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle at the beginning of the game just ignore it and move ahead you may find Pikachu or more powerful creatures if you explore and catch.

2) Catch every Pokemon creature don't ignore if also the creature is a week and not of use, this will help you level up fast and unlock more features of the game.

3) Keep the Pokemon tracker always on, this will help you to locate the Pokemon creatures fast and you will know how far or how close is the creature.

4) If you throw a Pokemon ball and miss tap the creature before it disappears.

While playing Pokemon go the game many people in the world have discovered many new places, people, and weird stuff too plays safe when you exploring unknown places.

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