Small girl died in hospital after getting hit by drunk car driver

drink and drive car crash
10-year-old girl died after getting hit by other car driven by drunk car driver, source via - google search, India news

The 10-year-old Hyderabad girl died after being on a ventilator for over a week in the hospital.

The car in which the small girl and the family were travelling was hit by another car which was speeding the way driven by a student said to be drunk.

It was the first day of school for the girl, this happened when she was coming back from the school where her family had come to pick her up.

On their way back they were hit hard by a car coming from the other side of the road, the student who was driving the car hit the car so hard that her uncle died on the spot and later she did after being on the ventilator for a week.

The girl was suffering from internal bleeding in her head due to the crash impact.

"The girl had become brain dead and her stem cell reflexes had stopped," said Dr J Gopikrishna of Care Hospital.

The girls mother another uncle and the grandfather had also suffered serious injuries in the accident.

The mother was also admitted to a city hospital as they suffered from multiple fractures.

Her grandfather who suffered from internal injuries also underwent a surgery.

The accused being an engineering student is said to visit a bar before the accident, a case of culpable homicide is being filed against the accused.

''Our family is shattered because someone else was drunk and reckless. But no one in the government has reacted,'' said Ramya's cousin Vivek.

One of the family members of the victim said the government should take a note of this case and see how serious it can get when parents allow youngsters to drive vehicles without proper guidance.

The officers told that the driver did not even have a licence when he was driving, the car belongs to the father of one of his friends.
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