The UK to deploy additional 50 troops in Afghanistan

UK troops in Afghanistan
The UK to send additional troops to Afghanistan, source via - google search, world news.

The UK to send additional troops to Afghanistan to train the current troops there fighting against the Taliban.

The UK have already 450 troops allotted in the country the additional 50 troops from here will go there to train and provide leadership training.

Authorities have also said that the current troops going there won't take part in any combat against the Taliban.

The troops in the Afghanistan were supposed to leave this year but the mission is extended to 2017.

The UK additional troops to be deployed in the area of, 21 will join the counter-terrorism mission, 15 will be involved in a leadership development at the Afghan army's officer training academy, and 13 will join Nato's Resolute Support Mission.

Mr. Cameron at the NATO meeting has said that they will work with the Afghan government and the security forces to provide support and keep terrorism away.

After also leaving the EU he said that they will be playing a leading role on a world stage.

"Britain is not going to be playing a lesser role in the world. We will make sure that we use our strength, including through Nato, to spread British values and the things that we believe in," Mr. Cameron added.

It was also said that 500 troops will be deployed in the area of Estonia and 150 troops will be deployed in Poland as a part of concerns over Russia.

Mr. Obama has also announced that they will be increasing their current strength of troops from next year in the country of Afghanistan
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