Yahoo is now acquired by Verizon for $4.83 billion

yahoo verizon deal, tech news
Yahoo Verizon deal for $4.83 billion if fixed, source via - google search, tech news

Yahoo bought by Verizon in an $4.83 billion deal marking the end of an era for the company that was once a ruler of the internet via its various products.

If you remember the time back then Yahoo was the leader of the internet, Yahoo did not offer so many services but it was good with whatever they did.

Yahoo search was not so famous as google but yeah its mail service was a blockbuster.

At the earlier time the value of Yahoo was about 125 billion Dollars, but today it was merely sold at 4.83 billion to Verizon.

Yahoo mail today still struggles while the messenger service of the same has been shut off.

The most famous yahoo property today is Flickr which was acquired by the company in the year 2005.

Verizon Communications Inc who is expected to acquire Yahoo will add it to its long list of acquisitions, which also includes The Huffington Post, Techcrunch, Engadget among many others.

Earlier in the dot-com bubble era, Yahoo have also tied up with Verizon for offering the DSL service in the United States.

Yahoo once offered paid searches which were not a success in the earlier time, but they assured guaranteed results in the search.

Did you know Microsoft was once behind Yahoo to buy the company offering a last of $44.6 billion in cash and stock, which they then considered as undervalued?

Yahoo future now seems to be in the hand of Verizon and the coming time will show us on how they will survive or just shut off.
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