Deaf driver shot dead by a trooper after a 13 kilometer chase

deaf driver shot dead by US police, world news
deaf driver shot dead by US police, source via - google search, world news.

The death of deaf driver who was shot after a trooper tried to pull him over for speeding, authorities of the state of north Carolina said they are investigating the case.

Daniel Harris who uses signs to communicate led the trooper on a 13 kilometers chase on Thursday that started on the highway and ended at his home in Charlotte.

As soon as he exited his vehicle encounter took place and he was shot.

The deaf driver died on the spot and there were also no weapons recovered from the driver, authorities investigating told.

Saunders has been placed on administrative leave while investigators review evidence, including dashboard and body camera videos.

A person around his home told that the shooting was totally unacceptable.

He didn't even hear the siren, he didn't even hear anything, you pulling over someone who is deaf, they are handicapped, Mark Barringer told WSOC.

Harris family launched online fundraising to pay for funeral expenses.

Leftover money "will be used to set up a foundation in his name to educate and provide law enforcement proper training on how to confront Deaf people," the family's fundraising page said.

They will also hope to change the system that if a deaf driver is driving there should be a deaf sticker on the number plate so the cops can identify the same and this never happens to anyone ahead.

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