Kickass torrents clone website shut down by authorities

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kick ass torrent clone website shuts down, source via - google search, technology news

Clone website of Kickass torrents shuts down when they received a notice issued by the Motion picture association. was a popular clone website for kickass torrents and it claimed that they were better than the original one and they cannot be taken down. were back online even after the original kickass torrents shuts down.

"We are not worried, because if it's not us, someone else will keep the game running. If not the alleged owner, it can be us. If we are not there, still there will surely be someone else. This never ends," said the operator of in a report by TorrentFreak.

Kickasstorrents is accused of distributing over $1 billion worth illegally copied films, music, and other content.

The MPA coordinated with the Armenian registry and have got the domain deleted.

There are many such websites which are doing this business seeing the top once.

KAT, which distributes films, video games, television programs, music and other electronic media, was estimated to be the 69th-most frequently visited the website on the internet.

It is also known that the website is being operated in 28 languages and is the 69th most visited website on the internet.

Their source of income was advertisements which they displayed on the website.
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