Mumbai Goa highway bridge collapsed in wee hours

india news, Mumbai Goa highways bridge collapsed in wee hours
Mumbai Goa highways bridge collapsed in wee hours, source via - google search, India news.

Mumbai goa highways bridge collapsed in wee hours where 2 buses carrying passenger plunged into the fast-flowing river.

22 people are reported missing and 2 dead, rescuers raced to the spot to conduct a search operation for the passengers missing.

Television footage showed large chunks of the British-colonial era bridge had fallen into the rain-swollen Savitri river.

The bridge straddling the river lies along a major highway connecting Mumbai to the tourist state of Goa.

The search operation is going on and no one has been rescued so far, including the bus other vehicles have also been swept away.

Television footage showed a helicopter flying over the river searching for survivors.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said the bridge appeared to have collapsed after being pounded by the flooded river.

The primary reason seems her the high pressure of the water flow of the river which is caused due to heavy rainfall.

In April, an under-construction flyover collapsed in the eastern city of Kolkata, killing 26 people.
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