Singapore on high alert after six militants planned rocket attack

world news today, Singapore on high alert after six militants planned rocket attack
Singapore on high alert after six militants planned rocket attack, source via - google search, world news

Singapore on high alert after an Indonesian police arrested a group of men which they believe were plotting down a rocket attack on Singapore.

This attack on the wealthy city was planned with the help of a Syrian-based Islamic State militant.

The six suspected militants were rounded up on Friday in dawn raids on Batam island, which is about 15 km south of Singapore, and local police chief Sam Budigusdian said.

They are still being held as the investigation is being continued.

Minister says that they had planned an attack on the Marina Bay, which is the most attractive building and a casino resort.

The attack had being planned from an island named betam which is a famous destination for a weekend getaway and also popular for its golf courses.

The six arrested militants are mostly all factory workers according to the local media, they are also suspected to have links with Bahrun Naim.

Bahrun Naim is an Indonesian but now fighting with the Islamic State in Syria.

These militants are being investigated on knowing if they have the link with Bahrun or no.

Indonesian investigators believe that Naim was one of the masterminds behind an attack in January in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, in which eight people were killed, including the four attackers.

There was no physical evidence discovered off the rocket bomb which was supposed to be made.

Police were largely successful in destroying domestic militant cells after that, but they now worry the influence of Islamic State will bring a resurgence of jihadi violence.
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