Uber driver molests foreigner in Mumbai when returning late home

Uber driver molests foreigner in Mumbai, india news
Uber driver molests foreigner in Mumbai, source via - google search, India news.

Uber driver molests foreigner in Mumbai, Shehbaaz Shaikh has been arrested by the police for allegedly molesting a foreign woman working in Mumbai.

She was travelling alone in the cab from pali hill Bandra to Versova late on Wednesday.

After the incident took place Uber suspended the driver after the details of the incident were shared on facebook by her friend.

The woman approached Khar police station to file a complaint but she was redirected to Santacruz police station to do so.

After the complaint, the driver was arrested and was booked for outraging modesty.

The Uber driver will be produced in court on Saturday, the police tracked the driver on the basis of information given by uber company documentation records.

The woman asked her friend before she was leaving from Bandra that is uber-safe to travel ? the friend assured her and told that she is in Bombay and there is nothing to worry about, but then it proved wrong.

The driver initially started with a small talk with her in a friendly manner and asked her where she is from.

later he said that since the roads in Mumbai are horrible she can sit in the front seat if she wants, but the woman denied the same.

After a while , the driver complained about low visibility through his back screen and told her he was going to pull over to clean it.

While he got down to clean the screen he directly came on the back seat with her and started feeling her thigh, she shouted loud when he came in the back seat.

She was able to get down of the cab after pushing him and make her move home safely.

She was very disturbed by the incident, her close friend also stated that if she would not be able to run this case would be like the one happened in Delhi in 2014 where a uber driver raped a woman coming back from a late night dinner party.
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