Wave like Robot which can swim and can be used for medical purpose

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Wave like Robot which can swim and also used for medical purpose, source via - google search, what's trending

Wave like Robot which can swim, climb and move forward or backward in a wave motion has been developed by the scientist.

The Wave like Robot can also climb over obstacles and also can manage himself on sand, grass and gravel.

This Wave like Robot developed by researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) in Israel has applications in medicine, security and search and rescue.

Robot top speed is recorded at 57cm per second which is five times faster than similar robots said, researchers.

This is a 3D printed Wave like Robot which moves like a worm in a perpendicular wave, the design is minimalized and also has a single motor.

“Researchers all over the world have been trying to create a wave movement for 90 years. 

We succeeded in finding a simple, unique solution that enables the robot to be built in different sizes for different purposes,” said David Zarrouk from BGU.

There are many ways in which this robot can be used such as in rescue operations which are being conducted by local authorities.

The smaller version of the robot can be used for a medical purpose such as imaging and biopsies of the digestive system.

There is also a waterproof version of the robot which can swim at 6cm per second.

By adding spiny traction enhancers to each link, researchers were able to propel the robot 13 per cent faster than its own wave speed.
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