FIR should be uploaded within 24 hours says supreme court

india news, fir should be uploaded with 24 hours
fir should be uploaded with 24 hours, source via - google search, India news.

FIR should be uploaded within 24 hours on the website says supreme court.

The court has directed the police in all the states and union territories to do so.

If the police have no website, the FIR have to be published on the official website of the respective State government.

This will come into effect from November 15 and everyone has to follow the same.

Some are also exempted from this process, cases relating to the insurgency, terrorism and sexual offences including those lodged under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.

The judge has also said that these are few which are being exempted but there can be add on later also.

if connectivity is a problem, 48 hours, and if the geographic location to is a difficulty, then 72 hours maximum.

This verdict was the result of a public interest litigation filed by the Youth Lawyers Association of India.

Many state representatives have also expressed their view and opinions on this process.

Odisha expressed the worry that if FIR is uploaded, accused persons may flee the jurisdiction of the police precinct in which they were booked.

To this, judge Nagappan said, “You don’t want the accused to know about the FIR? Do you want to hide it from him? Always your police machinery is colluding.”

Many are positive and want this system to be followed by every state.
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