Best ways to save money even if you rich

save money even if you rich
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Best ways to save money:- It is important that you save money from your earnings every month, make it your habit of saving this can help you in your future.


1) Set a weekly date - best ways to save money.

Sit down calmly and track your progress of spending and savings, during this date you have to set a weeks budget of savings and spendings, your expenses should not get over your set budget for a week.

2) Plan out your meals 

As dining out and going for a drink is the no 1 expense of every household, you should have a plan for the same, By eating at home, you save money that would otherwise be spent on tax and tips and you usually save calories, too.

3) Cut out cable TV 

This is the best way to save money as you don’t watch cable TV the full day, services like HULU, Netflix, and Amazon prime will help you cut down the cost of your cable TV as it’s much cheaper than the cost of cable.

4) Exercise pass program - best ways to save money.

This is a program where you pay very little amount which is $99 a month, if you love working out don’t enroll for different programs individually rather get an exercise plan where you will be able to get access to many activities such as gyming, yoga, Pilates, barre, strength training, boot camp, dance and more in the best studios nearby.

5) Go for a lodging rental website rather than expensive hotels

There are many sites such as Airbnb and travel mob, which will help you find a place with a kitchen where you can cook what you love and just avoid expensive food outside. This way you can save paying tax and tips to the restaurants.

6) Make coffee at home 

This is a very small cut down but very effective one, a good coffee will cost you around $3 or $4 right? so if you having at least 2 cups of coffee daily with tax it will come up to 10 dollars a day and in a month I will come up to $90 to $100 a month, this can be your straight saving.

7) Work more - best ways to save money.

This is also the best way to save money, the more you work the lesser time you will get to spend money so focus on your career and trying working as much as you can.

8) Wait for 3 days before you buy stuff online

This trick will help you to save money, suppose if a phone is just launched a costing $444 wait till competition arises for the same phone. Check different websites you may get the same phone in $422 so you just saved 20 dollars.

9) Learn DIY if you interested - best ways to save money.

Instead of buying products from out which are a day to day products, try searching for DIY of the same thing, use an app like Pinterest or a blog for searching. Many DIY products made are from home items and old unused stuff.

10) Choose quality over Quantity 

This applies to each and every stuff you have in your life products, food, clothes, electronics everything. By doing this you have things for a long term period and the shelf life for the same is increased hence saving you money.

11) Deal with emotions 

Many people lose their money because of emotions, suppose if you bored, lonely or stressed you tend to go out more and spend money to deal with your emotions.

12) Read a personal finance book 

When you read a good book about personal finance you will get more ideas on how to save money, apply the ideas from the books to your real life it’s beneficial.

13) Stay focused 

Staying focused on your goals takes discipline and determination. Saving can be easy and exciting at first, but after a while, you may lose that initial motivation and start to find other things you can spend that money on.

These were some of the best ways to save money in your daily life, keep a track of your progress for money and then make it a habit surely you can get a lot out of this.
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