Chota Rajan says Indian agencies gave him fake passport

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Chota Rajan fake passport, source via - google search, India news.

Chota Rajan the most wanted gangster has said that Indian agencies have provided him with a passport in the name of Mohan Kumar.

Rajan said Dawood Ibrahim's men were trying to murder him in Bangkok in 2000 as he had helped the "fight against terrorists" and those behind 1993 Mumbai blasts.

He also said that he involved in fighting against terrorists and has given much important information to fight terrorism.

He added that he cannot name the person who extended help to him nor can he name the person who he has helped to fight terrorism.

When Dawood Ibrahim came to know that Chota Rajan is supplying information against them they tried to kill him when he was in Bangkok.

Claiming that after the Mumbai bomb blasts, he decided to take revenge and help Indian intelligence agencies, he said, "since 1993 I have been working constantly for my country and fighting those persons who want to damage our country."

The court had earlier framed charges for alleged offences of cheating, forgery and criminal conspiracy against Chota Rajan and others in the case. 

The accused had pleaded not guilty and claimed trial.

Chota Rajan has denied the allegation that he used a fake passport and fake identity to escape the law as he was accused in many cases.

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