Ghani will meet Modi in India for discussing various issues

india news, Ghani will meet Modi in India
Ghani will meet Modi in India tomorrow, source via - google search, India news.

Ghani will meet Modi in India - Ashraf Ghani the president of Afghanistan will visit India on Wednesday for discussing on the rising violence by rebel Taliban militants.

They will also discuss on the National Unity Government in his country and China building a new rail link from its east coast to Afghanistan.

External Affairs Ministry said the discussions between Ghani and Modi will cover a wide range of topics of mutual interest.

Afghanistan has been demanding increased defence supplies, including lethal weapons from India.

India has always considered Afghanistan as part of its extended neighbourhood and has sought friendly ties with Kabul.

India could respond positively to Afghanistan’s demand and announce new military assistance.

Earlier India backed off from supplying lethal weapons to Afghanistan mainly due to pressure from the US which was wary of upsetting Pakistan.

Such interaction is the hallmark of their strategic partnership and has guided the strengthening of all-round cooperation between India And Afghanistan.

Ghani will meet Modi business community members following a speech for all present.

News reports in the past have talked of tensions between Ghani and his first vice-president, Abdul Rashid Dostum, then have accused the president of being autocratic.

Afghanistan will now have to all strategies in place to again set up its development with the help of nearby nations.
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