ISIS banned women from wearing burqas at security check points

world news, ISIS banned women from wearing burqas
ISIS banned women from wearing burqas,source via - google search, world news

ISIS banned women from wearing burqas at security checkpoints in the Iraqi city of Mosul, which is said to be their stronghold point.

Women outside the security area of Mosul are still being required to wear burkas and cover them up.

Quoting ISIS sources, Al-Alam News Network, Iran state news agency, said that the group’s chiefs’ order came after a series of attacks.

In which some ISIS commanders were killed by women wearing burqas in recent months.

A couple of years ago the ISIS have forced women to wear niqab at all the time and cover them as much as possible.

But now because of the attack taking place on commanders they doubting man wearing burkas and taking advantage of the same to kill commanders the isis banned it.

Hence they have now forced women to remove burqas at the security checkup points.

It has been made a law that a woman clad in burqa or niqab cannot enter ISIS top security areas.

photographs were released by the media showing women burning the burqas in the city of Manbj, which was freed from the ISIS authority.

Security for checking the situation at checkpoints have also being increased by the ISIS after the attacks.
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